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Jet’s Pizza Menu With Prices [Updated]


Jet’s Pizza Menu With Prices [Updated]

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Jet’s Pizza Menu

Jet’s Pizza is a fast-casual pizza chain that was founded in 1978 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Since then, the chain has grown because of the Jet’s Pizza Menu to over 400 locations in 20 states across the United States.

One of the things that sets Jet’s Pizza apart from other pizza chains is its deep-dish style pizza. The chain’s signature dish is the 8-corner pizza, which features a crispy crust, plenty of cheese, and a range of fresh toppings.

Jet's Pizza Menu

Jet’s Pizza Menu and Prices [Updated]

In addition to its deep-dish pizza, Jet’s Pizza offers a range of other pizza options, including thin-crust pizza and gluten-free pizza. The chain also offers a range of salads, subs, and wings, making it a great choice for a variety of tastes and dietary needs.

Build Your Own Jet’s Pizza
Choice of Pizza Crust: Deep Dish, Hand Tossed Round, NY Style or Thin

Premium Mozzarella Cheese$7.99Small
Premium Mozzarella Cheese$9.99Medium
Premium Mozzarella Cheese$11.00Large
Premium Mozzarella Cheese$13.998 Corner
Premium Mozzarella Cheese$33.00Party Tray

Specialty Pizzas
Choice of Pizza Crust: Deep Dish, Hand Tossed Round, NY Style or Thin

BBQ Chicken$11.26Small
BBQ Chicken$14.16Medium
BBQ Chicken$16.07Large
BBQ Chicken$19.968 Corner
BBQ Chicken$48.21Party Tray
BLT$19.968 Corner
BLT$48.21Party Tray
Chicken Parmesan$11.26Small
Chicken Parmesan$14.16Medium
Chicken Parmesan$16.07Large
Chicken Parmesan$19.968 Corner
Chicken Parmesan$48.21Party Tray
Hawaiian$19.968 Corner
Hawaiian$48.21Party Tray
Super Special$12.35Small
Super Special$15.55Medium
Super Special$17.76Large
Super Special$21.958 Corner
Super Special$53.28Party Tray
All Meaty$12.35Small
All Meaty$15.55Medium
All Meaty$17.76Large
All Meaty$21.958 Corner
All Meaty$53.28Party Tray
Veggie$21.958 Corner
Veggie$53.28Party Tray
Grilled Chicken$12.35Small
Grilled Chicken$15.55Medium
Grilled Chicken$17.76Large
Grilled Chicken$21.958 Corner
Grilled Chicken$53.28Party Tray
Buffalo Ranch Chicken$12.35Small
Buffalo Ranch Chicken$15.55Medium
Buffalo Ranch Chicken$17.76Large
Buffalo Ranch Chicken$21.958 Corner
Buffalo Ranch Chicken$53.28Party Tray
Italian Sausage Supreme$12.35Small
Italian Sausage Supreme$15.55Medium
Italian Sausage Supreme$17.76Large
Italian Sausage Supreme$21.958 Corner
Italian Sausage Supreme$53.28Party Tray
Jet 10$13.44Small
Jet 10$16.94Medium
Jet 10$19.45Large
Jet 10$23.948 Corner
Jet 10$58.35Party Tray

Jet’s Pizza Breakfast Menu with Prices

One of the most popular menu items at Jet’s Pizza is the “All Meaty” pizza, which features pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, bacon, and beef on a deep-dish crust. The chain also offers a range of other specialty pizzas, including the “Hawaiian” pizza and the “BBQ Chicken” pizza.


Each Topping$1.09Small
Each Topping$1.39Medium
Each Topping$1.69Large
Each Topping$1.998 Corner
Each Topping$5.07Party Tray


Deep Dish Duo™ (Premium Mozzarella Cheese Small Pizza & 1 Topping & Deep Dish Bread)$15.07
Bold Fold (Premium Mozzarella Cheese & Bold Pepperoni NY Style Pizza) (Large)$12.69

Jet’s Bread

Original Bread (12 Pc.)$5.99
Deep Dish Bread (12 Pc.)$5.99
Jet’s Triple Cheese Turbo Stix® (12 Pc.)$5.99
Add Pepperoni or Bacon to any Bread$1.00

Jet’s Wings & Boneless Chicken
Flavors: Plain, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Sweet Red Chili, Mild, or Hot Sauce

Jets Wings$6.998 Pc.
Boneless Chicken$6.997-10 Pc.

Jet’s Pizza Lunch Menu and Prices

Jet’s Pizza is also known for its commitment to using high-quality, fresh ingredients. The chain uses only the freshest vegetables and meats, and its pizza dough is made from scratch every day. This commitment to quality is evident in the delicious taste of Jet’s Pizza’s food.


Antipasto, Chef, Garden or Greek Salad$5.49Personal
Antipasto, Chef, Garden or Greek Salad$7.49Medium
Antipasto, Chef, Garden or Greek Salad$20.99Half Tray
Antipasto, Chef, Garden or Greek Salad$39.99Tray

Jetzee® Subs

Italian, Ham & Cheese or Turkey Jetzee$4.00Half
Italian, Ham & Cheese or Turkey Jetzee$6.99Whole
Italian, Ham & Cheese or Turkey Jetzee$23.9612 Pc.
Italian, Ham & Cheese or Turkey Jetzee$45.9924 Pc.
Steak & Cheese, Veggie, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Pizza or Meatball Jetzee$4.00Half
Steak & Cheese, Veggie, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Pizza or Meatball Jetzee$6.99Whole

Jet’s Boat™

Jet’s Boat™ (Premium Mozzarella Cheese & 1 Topping)$6.99


Cinnamon Stix$4.99
Icing Packet$0.60

Dinner Menu by Jet’s Pizza

Overall, Jet’s Pizza offers a delicious and unique pizza experience that is sure to satisfy. With its commitment to high-quality ingredients and its range of specialty pizzas, subs, and salads, Jet’s Pizza is a great choice for anyone looking for a tasty meal. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic pepperoni pizza or a specialty pizza with a twist, Jet’s Pizza has something for everyone.


Side Jalapeno Peppers, Mild Peppers, Black Olives or Parmesan Cheese$0.75
Side Anchovies$1.40
Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian or Greek Dressing$0.754 oz.
Ranch, Italian or Greek Dressing$3.7512 oz.
Pizza, Jalapeno Cheese, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Mild or Hot Sauce$0.754 oz.
Butter Garlic Sauce$0.59
Fat Free Raspberry$0.754 oz.


Soft Drink$1.5920 oz.
Soft Drink$2.592 Liter
Aquafina Water$1.5920 oz.
Pure Leaf Lemon, Extra Sweet or Raspberry$1.7920 oz.

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