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Round Table Pizza Menu With Prices


Round Table Pizza Menu With Prices

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Round Table Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants that was founded in Menlo Park, California, in 1959. The Round Table Pizza Menu is great and because of that the company operates over 400 locations in the United States, having a primarily in California, and also has franchises in several other countries.

Round Table Pizza Menu

Round Table Pizza Menu and Prices [Updated]

The menu at Round Table Pizza includes a variety of pizza options, including classic toppings like pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms, as well as specialty pizzas like the “King Arthur’s Supreme,” which features pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions. The chain also serves salads, sandwiches, and appetizers like garlic twists and wings.


Boneless Wings$9.00
Classic Wings$9.00


Garlic Parmesan Twists$5.00
Garden Salad$8.00
Individual Garden Salad$8.00

Round Table Premium Pizza Menu

One of the unique aspects of Round Table Pizza is its use of fresh, quality ingredients. The company prides itself on using only the freshest produce and meats, and its pizza dough is made fresh daily.

Premium Pizzas

CYO Personal Pizza (7.5”)$12.00
CYO 9″ Small Pizza$16.00
CYO 12″ Medium Pizza$20.00
CYO 14″ Large Pizza$25.00
CYO 16″ Extra Large Pizza$30.00
12″ Medium Half & Half Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Half & Half Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra Large Half & Half Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal King Arthur’s Supreme Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Original Montague’s All Meat Marvel Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Original Montague’s All Meat Marvel Pizza$25.00
14″ large Original Montague’s All Meat Marvel Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra Original Montague’s All Meat Marvel Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Guinevere’s Garden Delight Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Guinevere’s Garden Delight Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Guinevere’s Garden Delight Pizza$25.00
14″ large Guinevere’s Garden Delight Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra Large Guinevere’s Garden Delight Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Maui Zaui Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Maui Zaui Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Maui Zaui Pizza$25.00
14″ large Maui Zaui Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra Large Maui Zaui Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal BBQ Chicken Pizza$15.00
9″ Small BBQ Chicken Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza$25.00
14″ Large BBQ Chicken Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large BBQ Chicken Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Chicken & Garlic Gourmet Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Chicken & Garlic Gourmet Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Chicken & Garlic Gourmet Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Chicken & Garlic Gourmet Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large Chicken & Garlic Gourmet Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Gourmet Veggie Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Gourmet Veggie Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Gourmet Veggie Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Gourmet Veggie Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large Gourmet Veggie Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Ulti-Meat Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Ulti-Meat Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Ulti-Meat Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Ulti-Meat Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large Ulti-Meat Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Wombo Combo Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Wombo Combo Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Wombo Combo Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Wombo Combo Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large Wombo Combo Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Hawaiian Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Hawaiian Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Hawaiian Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Hawaiian Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large Hawaiian Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Smokehouse Pepperoni Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Smokehouse Pepperoni Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Smokehouse Pepperoni Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Smokehouse Pepperoni Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large Smokehouse Pepperoni Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Smokehouse Chicken Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Smokehouse Chicken Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Smokehouse Chicken Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Smokehouse Chicken Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large Smokehouse Chicken Pizza$35.00
7.5” Personal Hearty Bacon Supreme Pizza$15.00
9″ Small Hearty Bacon Supreme Pizza$20.00
12″ Medium Hearty Bacon Supreme Pizza$25.00
14″ Large Hearty Bacon Supreme Pizza$30.00
16″ Extra large Hearty Bacon Supreme Pizza$35.00

Round Table Pizza Breakfast, Lunch Menu

In addition to its commitment to quality ingredients, Round Table Pizza has also made efforts to be environmentally responsible. The company has implemented recycling programs at its restaurants, and has also introduced eco-friendly packaging for its to-go orders.


Club Sandwich$10.00


Pepsi 2 Litre$4.50
Diet Pepsi 2 Litre$4.50
Mist Twist 2 Litre$4.50
Pepsi 20 Oz$2.75
Diet Pepsi 20 Oz$2.75
Mist Twist 20 Oz$2.75

Round Table Pizza has faced some challenges in recent years due to increased competition in the pizza industry. The company has responded by updating its menu and launching new marketing campaigns to attract customers. In 2019, for example, Round Table Pizza introduced a new rewards program that allows customers to earn points and redeem them for free food.

Despite these challenges, Round Table Pizza remains a popular choice for pizza lovers, particularly in its home state of California. The chain’s commitment to quality ingredients and environmentally responsible practices, as well as its variety of menu options, make it a favorite among families and pizza enthusiasts.

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