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Jersey Mike’s Menu With Prices


Jersey Mike’s Menu With Prices

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Jersey Mike’s Subs is a fast-casual sandwich chain, and Jersey Mike’s menu is specializes in fresh, made-to-order submarine sandwiches. The chain was founded in 1956 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, and has since expanded to over 2,500 locations across the United States.

Jersey Mike's Menu

Jersey Mike’s Menu and Prices [Updated]

One of the things that sets Jersey Mike’s Subs apart from other sandwich chains is its commitment to using high-quality, fresh ingredients. The chain offers a range of meats and cheeses that are sliced to order, as well as fresh vegetables and bread that is baked in-house every day.

Cold Subs

Turkey and Provolone Regular$7.25Regular
Turkey and Provolone Giant$12.95Giant
Turkey and Provolone Mini$5.45Mini
Turkey and Provolone Wrap$7.25Wrap
Turkey and Provolone Sub In A Tub$7.25Sub In A Tub
The Original Italian Regular$8.25Regular
The Original Italian Giant$13.95Giant
The Original Italian Mini$5.95Mini
The Original Italian Wrap$8.25Wrap
The Original Italian Sub In A Tub$8.25Sub In A Tub
Club Sub Regular$8.25Regular
Club Sub Giant$13.95Giant
Club Sub Mini$5.95Mini
Club Sub Wrap$8.25Wrap
Club Sub Sub In A Tub$8.25Sub In A Tub
Club Supreme Regular$8.25Regular
Club Supreme Giant$13.95Giant
Club Supreme Mini$5.95Mini
Club Supreme Wrap$8.25Wrap
Club Supreme Sub In A Tub$8.25Sub In A Tub
Roast Beef and Provolone Regular$8.25Regular
Roast Beef and Provolone Giant$13.95Giant
Roast Beef and Provolone Mini$5.95Mini
Roast Beef and Provolone Wrap$8.25Wrap
Roast Beef and Provolone Sub In A Tub$8.25Sub In A Tub
Tuna Fish Regular$7.25Regular
Tuna Fish Giant$12.95Giant
Tuna Fish Wrap$5.45Mini
Tuna Fish Mini$7.25Wrap
Tuna Fish Sub In A Tub$7.25Sub In A Tub
The Super Sub$7.25Regular
The Super Sub Giant$12.95Giant
The Super Sub Mini$5.45Mini
The Super Sub Wrap$7.25Wrap
The Super Sub Sub In A Tub$7.25Sub In A Tub
Jersey Shore Favorite Regular$6.35Regular
Jersey Shore Favorite Giant$11.95Giant
Jersey Shore Favorite Mini$5.25Mini
Jersey Shore Favorite Wrap$6.35Wrap
Jersey Shore Favorite Sub In A Tub$6.35Sub In A Tub
BLT Regular$6.95Regular
BLT Giant$12.95Giant
BLT Mini$5.45Mini
BLT Wrap$6.95Wrap
BLT Sub In A Tub$6.95Sub In A Tub
The Veggie Regular$6.35Regular
The Veggie Giant$11.95Giant
The Veggie Mini$5.25Mini
The Veggie Wrap$6.35Wrap
The Veggie Sub In A Tub$6.35Sub In A Tub
The Number Four Regular$6.95Regular
The Number Four Giant$12.95Giant
The Number Four Mini$5.45Mini
The Number Four Wrap$6.95Wrap
The Number Four Sub In A Tub$6.95Sub In A Tub
The Cancro Special Regular$6.95Regular
The Cancro Special Giant$12.95Giant
The Cancro Special Mini$5.45Mini
The Cancro Special Wrap$6.95Wrap
The Cancro Special Sub In A Tub$6.95Sub In A Tub
Chipotle Turkey Regular$7.25Regular
Chipotle Turkey Giant$12.95Giant
Chipotle Turkey Mini$5.45Mini
Chipotle Turkey Wrap$7.25Wrap
Chipotle Turkey Sub In A Tub$7.25Sub In A Tub
California Club Regular$8.75Regular
California Club Giant$14.45Giant
California Club Mini$6.45Mini

Jersey Mike’s Breakfast Menu with Prices

One of the most popular menu items at Jersey Mike’s Subs is the #13 Original Italian sandwich, which features prosciuttini, cappacuolo, ham, salami, and provolone cheese on a freshly baked sub roll. The chain also offers a range of other sandwiches, including the #7 Turkey Breast and Provolone and the #8 Club Sub.

Hot Subs

Chipotle Cheese Steak Regular$7.45Regular
Chipotle Cheese Steak Giant$12.95Giant
Chipotle Cheese Steak Wrap$7.45Wrap
Chipotle Cheese Steak Sub In A Tub$7.45Sub In A Tub
Big Kahuna Cheese Steak Regular$7.95Regular
Big Kahuna Cheese Steak Giant$13.95Giant
Big Kahuna Cheese Steak Wrap$7.95Wrap
Big Kahuna Cheese Steak Sub In A Tub$7.95Sub In A Tub
Chicken California Cheese Steak Regular$7.45Regular
Chicken California Cheese Steak Giant$12.95Giant
Chicken California Cheese Steak Wrap$7.45Wrap
Chicken California Cheese Steak Sub In A Tub$7.45Sub In A Tub
Chicken Buffalo Cheese Steak Regular$7.95Regular
Chicken Buffalo Cheese Steak Giant$13.95Giant
Chicken Buffalo Cheese Steak Wrap$7.95Wrap
Chicken Buffalo Cheese Steak Sub In A Tub$7.95Sub In A Tub
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak Regular$7.95Regular
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak Giant$13.95Giant
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak Wrap$7.95Wrap
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak Sub In A Tub$7.95Sub In A Tub
Meatball and Cheese Regular$7.45Regular
Meatball and Cheese Giant$12.95Giant
Meatball and Cheese Wrap$7.45Wrap
Meatball and Cheese Sub In A Tub$7.45Sub In A Tub
Grilled Pastrami Reuben Regular$7.45Regular
Grilled Pastrami Reuben Giant$12.95Giant
Grilled Pastrami Reuben Wrap$7.45Wrap
Grilled Pastrami Reuben Sub In A Tub$7.45Sub In A Tub
BBQ Beef Regular$7.45Regular
BBQ Beef Giant$12.95Giant
BBQ Beef Wrap$7.45Wrap
BBQ Beef Sub In A Tub$7.45Sub In A Tub

In addition to its sandwiches, Jersey Mike’s Subs is known for its friendly and personalized service. The chain encourages customers to customize their sandwiches with a range of toppings and condiments, and prides itself on its fast and efficient service.

Chips, Drinks and Desserts by Jersey Mike’s

Another unique aspect of Jersey Mike’s Subs is its commitment to giving back to the community. The chain has a program called “Subs for a Cause,” which allows customers to fundraise for local charities and organizations by selling discounted sandwich vouchers. In addition, Jersey Mike’s Subs has donated millions of dollars to various charities and organizations over the years.

Chips, Drinks & Dessert

Fountain Drink 22 Oz$1.8922 oz.
Fountain Drink 32 Oz$2.2932 oz.
Bottled Drinks$2.29
Cookie 1 Pc$0.651 Pc.
Cookie 3 Pc$1.853 Pc.
Brownie 1 Pc$1.891 Pc.

Overall, Jersey Mike’s Subs offers a delicious and fresh fast-casual dining experience that is sure to satisfy. With its commitment to high-quality ingredients and personalized service, it’s no wonder that Jersey Mike’s Subs has become a popular choice for sandwich lovers across the United States.

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