Delicious Chilli Chicken Recipe


Delicious Chilli Chicken Recipe

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chilli chicken

Any fan of chicken should be able to create this recipe for chilli chicken. If you can prepare restaurant-quality gravy and a dry chicken chilli recipe at home, why order chicken chilli online? This boneless chilli chicken recipe, which is among the most well-known Indo-Chinese dishes, will quickly become a favourite of yours as well. Your friends and family will be grateful that you shared this recipe for chicken with them because it’s spicy, glossy, and incredibly delicious. With a few basic ingredients, you can quickly prepare this recipe for crispy and spicy chilli chicken.

The chicken is deep-fried and then cooked in a variety of vegetables and a blend of sauces and spices after it has been well marinated in flour and spices. Since some individuals dislike a lot of spice, you can alter the amount to suit your preferences. One way to achieve this is to use fewer green chiles in the recipe. The best part about preparing this recipe for chilli chicken at home is that you can make sure your family eats wholesome, delicious meals without adding any adulterants or chemicals like MSG. Depending on personal inclination, fried rice or Hakka noodles go well with this appetiser recipe.

A lot of folks also prepare gravy with their chilli chicken. It works well for gatherings like game evenings, potlucks, and cat parties. In order to surprise your loved ones with a flavorful dish, try this simple and delectable recipe for chilli chicken right now!

chilli chicken

Components of Curry Chicken

  • Three Portions
  • One cup corn flour, half a teaspoon of garlic paste, two tablespoons of sliced green chilli and 500 grammes of chopped chicken
  • Two tablespoons vinegar, one beaten egg, and salt to taste
  • half a tsp of ginger paste
  • One tablespoon soy sauce and two cups chopped onions
  • half a cup of sunflower seed oil
  • Half a cup of sliced green pepper, or capsicum

Garnishng – One handful of finely sliced spring onions for garnish


Step 1: Prepare the marinade and wash the chicken.
To prepare this tasty dish, first give the chicken a wash in lukewarm water and then give it another rinse in cold water. Next, put the chicken, eggs, ginger-garlic paste, and cornflour into a big bowl. Thoroughly combine all the ingredients. To ensure that the chicken pieces are properly coated, you can also add a small amount of water to the batter. After it’s finished, chill the chicken for one to two hours.

Step 2: Make the masala chicken with chillies.
Remove the marinade one to two hours later. Then, warm up some oil in a deep pan over a high heat. After the chicken pieces are thoroughly cooked, carefully lay them in the oil. Empty and discard surplus oil onto paper that absorbs it. Meanwhile, warm up one or two tablespoons of oil in a different pan over medium heat. When the oil is hot enough, add the onions and fry for two to three minutes, or until they become translucent. Once more, thoroughly mix in the green chilies and capsicum. To enhance the flavour, you can also add some dry-roasted green chilies. Additionally, you can add some vinegar-soaked green chilies to this recipe if you want your food very hot. It enhances the flavour and taste. (Deeply optional)

Step 3: Cook the chicken with vinegar and soy sauce.
Add the chicken, vinegar, soy sauce, and salt once the vegetables are half cooked. Make sure the chicken is thoroughly coated in the sauces by thoroughly mixing all the ingredients. Stir the chicken frequently to prevent it from sticking to the pan.

Step 4: Serve the hot chilli chicken after tossing it.
When finished, take out and place the dish in a bowl. Serve it to your loved ones after garnishing it with the optional roasted sesame seeds and spring onions. Your loved ones will adore this fantastic recipe, we are confident.

One hour thirty minutes in total
Prep Time: 60 minutes; Calorie: 189

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