Mango Pickle Recipe


Mango Pickle Recipe

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Mango Pickle Recipe

There are many different types of pickles available, and they are a staple of North Indian cuisine. Any vegetable can likely be found in a pickled form. This is a basic pickle recipe made with mustard oil, pickle masala, salt, and raw mangoes. Pickles are often sun-dried and take several days to prepare, but this simple side dish recipe can be prepared in only one day. All you have to do is preheat the mustard oil, chop the mangoes, and combine the ingredients. This is a simple recipe that you should make for your loved ones; it will delight your taste senses.

Ingredients for Pickled Mango

20 Serving
One hundred grammes of pickle masala
One kilogramme of raw mango, 200 grammes of salt, and 250 millilitres of mustard oil

mango pickle

Recipe for Mango Pickle

Step 1: Heat oil in a kadhai by first placing it over a medium flame.

Step 2: After washing, pat dry the raw mangoes. Cut them into little pieces using a kitchen knife.

Step 3: The mango slices should then be salted and left for 30 minutes. After that, thoroughly combine the pickle masala.

Step 4: Now, thoroughly mix in 3/4 of the warm oil with the mango pieces. Transfer this mixture of mangos into a jar and top it over with the remaining oil. Set this jar aside for a full day. You can savour the raw mango pickle the next day!

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